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Adspace Player Marketing Features.

Pre-roll Advertising That Works.

Pre-roll video is the advertisement that loads before the clicked video plays.
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Premium advertising features. Sponsored Video Ads + In Video Banner Ads personalize your Player & monitor sharing.

Use Viral Video To Sling-Shot To The Top

Learn how to make video sharing market you. Turn your web browsing habits into marketing success. See how far your content can really go. Start reaching the global market.

  • Your Ad is always pre-played before the shared video.
  • Not sure how it works? Try it for free. First 4 video ads are free.
  • New features added weekly.
  • Need unlimited promotions? Go premium without killing your budget!

How can I start promoting my video?

Simply register free, upload your pre-roll video advertisement using Adspace Player and find a hot viral video to share with it from youtube. (You can also use our video suggester to select a video for you.)

Share the video as you normally would with email, Facebook, or embed into a webpage. Once the video is shared with friends and our video pool, your work is done. Your video will start to share itself. Every time the video is shared, your video is viewed first, then, followed by the viral video. We call this the slingshot method.

Here's some quick viewer facts: Viewers are conditioned to watch pre-roll ads. Pre-roll advertising has been proven to promote both ad and video content. Our users can upload 4 videos for free and take the service for a test drive. If you need premium features like in video banner ads, view tracking and unlimited uploading, simply upgrade for only $4.99 a month. Your Premium banner ads will display accross all non-premium players. Give us a test drive!

Where It All Began

After putting in countless hours and effort into product and service development, we quickly realized it’s almost impossible to compete with big corporations.

Eager spirit is not enough when competition is spending tons of money advertising across every social media channel and ranking high on all search engines. We began to look back at the days of Myspace and how easy it was for musicians, creators and small businesses to share and promote their work.

It was simple, cost-efficient and most importantly – it worked!
With that in mind, we reverse-engineered video and texting advertising system to do just that – help eager artists, inventors and entrepreneurs kickstart their journey towards success (without the steep costs of modern advertising)!
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